Discrete Smoking Tools: Getting High on the Low

Even in legal states, every smoker should still try to be discrete when smoking in a public setting. After all, you don’t get hammered drunk on a street corner in broad daylight with children around. Being discrete is part of being respectful, but the good thing is— there are plenty of ways to get high without offending anyone. And there are plenty of discrete smoking tools that will get you high without nasty glares or the potential for police presence.

Discrete Smoking Tools

To kick this off, I’d like to introduce you to the ciga-weed. A ciga-weed is a tiny little one-hitter pipe that is shaped and designed to look like a cigarette. You pack up the end and smoke it all in one hit. It’s a simple little thing, and it looks just like a cigarette so you look just like every other smoker on the corner. Pair this dude with a little wooden dugout for the perfect little trippy kit in your bag.

The most inventive, in my opinion, is the inhaler vaporizer.

This little guy is exactly like a inhaler, but it’s a vaporizer. Because it looks like a medical device, your chance of being questioned on it is pretty low. After all, most people don’t harass others about their inhalers. So if you play your cards right, this device can be used practically anywhere. What a fantastic idea.

Little keychain pipes are great little pieces too. They go from being a decoration on your keys, to a bowl in seconds. You just unscrew the bowl piece and reposition it to create the bowl. They’re quite discrete, while also providing the opportunity to really pack a bowl in public and then make that bow disappear. You get the best of both worlds with this little guy.

Last but not least, the lipstick pipe is a perfect one for the ladies. Small, discrete, and will fit right in with your makeup bag. You just pull the cap off, in the same way you would a lipstick tube, and voila— out comes a bowl instead of your favorite fuchsia lipstick. This one is easy to tuck away quickly, as you just have to pop that little cap back on.

There are plenty of ways to get your smoke on without making it obvious. If you can master that, you’ll be able to toke up practically anywhere. But be mindful and respectful, you never know who’s watching!

Saving Stems: Making the Most of Your Product

Chances are that when you grind up your buds to smoke them, you probably toss out those pesky stems. No one likes them. They take up weight, they’re not good to smoke, and they force you to get your hand dirty when smoking. But what if I told you they could serve a better purpose than being a trash can filler? What if I told you there was perfectly good THC hiding in all of those stems? Saving stems might be more imperative than you think…

Saving Stems: What Marijuana Stems Can Do For You

First of all, let me start off by saying that most edibles are made with stems. Like I said, there is plenty of harvest-able THC inside of those stems that can be used in ways other than smoking. Take for example Cannabis butter. Most edibles are made with cannabis butter, and one of the most cost effective ways to make it is with stems. Think about it. You never use them, so what if you were to just tuck them away for later?

Save them for a while, keep them somewhere airtight and when you end up with an obnoxious amount of them— pull out the crock pot. Grind them up the same way you would the weed, put them in some cheesecloth, and make just like normal cannabis butter. This butter is just the same— just make sure to use a larger amount of stems than you would buds to have the same potency, maybe 1/4-1/2 more.

Another popular option is to make stem tea.

Brewed just like any other tea, except you add the marijuana stems. Same deal, get the cheesecloth, and add to your hot water and let soak. The longer you soak, the more the potency. I’d suggest at least eight hours. You can do it alone or add a few tea bags, but I’d go caffeine free! Maybe add some honey for a better flavor. But this stuff is a great, and easy, option.

These two are usually the go-to’s for people with leftover stems. But, the options are pretty endless. From skin creams and salves, to stem hash oil, you can do pretty much anything you’d do with normal buds with these guys.

So make sure you’re saving stems because they aren’t as useless as you might think. Not to mention, in the end— they’re only saving you more money by making sure to use them!

Finding Your Perfect Dosage

Marijuana is quickly becoming America’s favorite drug and medicine. But as the interest rises, so does the consumption. But how much is too much? And is there a perfect dosage?

What is the perfect dosage of marijuana?

The perfect dose according to herb.co is 7.5 milligrams of THC in your bloodstream, which equals out to about .05 grams of marijuana. Think of this as one hit off of a water pipe or maybe a few puffs off of a joint. A standard joint, according to hightimes.com, has about 36 milligrams of THC in it.

The big problem with choosing a perfect dose is that THC is not a one-size-fits-all system, and my tolerance might not be your tolerance, per se. Think of it like alcohol for a moment. If I drink a six-pack a day and you drink a six-pack every three weeks, that same amount is going to affect me differently. This same rule applies when it comes to marijuana.

Most avid smokers say that their perfect dose sits around 50-75 mg. So, the big thing to remember is that it really differs. When visiting dispensaries you get a better idea of what works best for you because they are able to tell you what is what, and how potent one thing is versus the other.

Finding your ideal comfort level with marijuana is all dependent on trial and error.

I myself have heard some people claim their perfect dose to be around 200-400 mg. While this might seem like way too much to some, like I said, it all depends on your tolerance— which depends on your usage. So while 7.5 mg and 400 mg are quite a wide range, it really can vary that much.

The main thing to remember about finding your perfect dosage is to start small. The metaphor I like to use is when you’re adding spices to a dish. Start light, you can always make your meal more spicy but once its there— it’s there to stay. The same goes for your consumption. You can always add more but once its there, you have to ride it out. So be smart, start small, and have fun!

Buds and Beers: Long Lost Cousins

If you’re like most Americans, you probably enjoy cracking a cold one on occasion. But what you might not know, is the hops in your beer and the buds in your bowl are kinda like cousins. Yep, that’s right. Hops and buds have a long history together. A history that makes them kind of like long lost cousins.

Buds and Beers: Long Lost Cousins

The whole connection for these two begins with what we know as terpenes. This is the smell component we’ve mentioned in other pieces. Terpenes give your buds, and your beers, the kind of funky, citrusy, woodsy aroma that we know and love.

Because both of these possess similar, and sometimes the same, terpenes many people have long considered both hops and buds to be similar. But we took the time and did a little research. So basically, when botanists began to classify plants and their familial ties— they did this based on their appearance. Over time, this tactic gave way to DNA analysis. But even after testing, there still was a connection between both of these members of the ‘cannabinaceae’ family.

So really, while they are different– they are also very similar. From the pungent, dank aroma, to the shape and characteristics, all the way down to their molecular structure— these two plants are related by all classifying factors.

But the thing to remember is that these two members are not exclusive. There are other members of the cannabinaceae family, such as hackberries, making this grouping a little wider than just what you’d expect from the namesake.

Also, science and technology is always making improvements. There are new developments every day to change the way we think about things, and I’m sure this grouping is no different— as it has faced change since it’s beginning. Changes that encompassed more than just hops and buds into this family. So stay weary! Keep reading! And only believe what you read for a matter of time.

Going Green: Safest Consumption Methods

As we move further into the future, our communities are getting more and more health conscious. From sustainable food choices, to avoiding plastic, there are plenty of ways of going green and being as healthy as possible is endless in todays day and age. But, you might not have considered that there are just as many options for consuming your marijuana in the healthiest way possible.

Going Green: the healthiest forms of consuming your marijuana

When it comes to the healthiest means of consuming your greens, I will offer you two options. The first being edibles and the second being vaporizers.

An edible, for those who aren’t familiar, consists of any food or beverage products with cannabis infusion. What makes this one of the healthiest ways of consumption is that you don’t breathe it in at all. Instead of having to smoke your high, you can eat your high. By doing this, you avoid exposing your lungs to the combustion, the butane, and (if you rolled with tobacco papers) potentially nicotine. All in all, you avoid the one thing that turns most people away and that’s the smoke.

Second of all, there are vaporizers. Now, the big difference between vaporizers and other forms of smoking/consuming is the fact that you don’t have to use any additional form of heat rather than the device itself. A vaporizer works very similar to an oven. Think of how an oven bakes something, it starts at a low heat and gradually increases until the item is finished. With a vaporizer— your marijuana is baking in a very similar fashion. You still get the smoke, but it is lighter and avoids the use of a lighter—therefore, no butane. So, as I said above, both of these methods offer the same end result without any of the yucky stuff.

Quite obviously, the healthiest way of consuming marijuana is to not do it at all. But if you must…

…it is essential to your health to learn how to be smart about it. There are plenty of ways to still get high but also protect your lungs and body. While smoking marijuana has not been proven to cause cancer or any sort of disease, there is no harm in trying to be health conscious about the ways in which you consume it. After all, it is still a form of smoking. So be safe and have fun if you plan on going green in more ways than one!

Synthetic Marijuana: A Dangerous Alternative

Synthetic marijuana became popular a few years ago, and its biggest interest group was within younger adults. High school kids, college students, and the likes were going to their local gas stations and picking up packages labeled ‘K2’ or ‘spice’. Little did they know, these products would soon be outlawed due to the nature of their effects….

Synthetic marijuana

It all began in a laboratory, where they decided to test out a synthesized version of marijuana to  observe the effects and learn about the drug. But in doing this, they created a product that was up to 100 times more potent than your every day marijuana. It didn’t take long for this marijuana lookalike to find its way onto the streets, under the FDA’s radar, and into the lungs of curious kids and adults alike.

But the big problem is that this stuff isn’t like marijuana. The packages themselves even read: ‘not for human consumption’, so what began the craze? Well, for starters, it’s easier to get your hands on than the real stuff.

Local gas stations still carry variations of this drug because the FDA can’t do enough to regulate it. They’ll ban one version and next thing you know, someone has taken or added one ingredient and it’s back on the shelves. Synthetic marijuana is not ideal for the public, it is dangerously potent, and too widely available.

There are hundreds of varieties— all one ingredient away from being the same.

These drugs effect the taker in a severe way, and the worst part is, it’s nothing like marijuana! Although it does look similar, and have the word ‘marijuana’ in its name— it’s far from it. The potency levels, the scary effects, and the toxicity is enough for a lot of people to back away slowly.

But for some, it wasn’t so simple. Two pre-teenage boys in Milwaukee got into of the stuff and wound up in the hospital. Their symptoms included: foaming from the mouth, throwing up mucus, delirious speech, and heavy shaking. Does that sound like what your stash does to you? For lack of better words, hell no.

The main objective here is that you stay weary. Do not trust something for its namesake. Because synthetic marijuana is nothing short of a dangerous game for users.