A huge problem on the black market these days are counterfeit dispensary products. Home-grown buds, home-baked edibles, and dangerous homemade concentrates are wrapped in neat little packages that look professional enough. But what you might not know, is those labels come in bulk from websites such as Amazon. This allows opportunistic dealers to bump the price of their products a bit. After all, an official label makes them a little more desirable to someone who won’t look into the name behind the product.

Counterfeit Dispensary Products

If you go to Google right now and type in ‘marijuana labels, you can easily gain access to an abundance of them. From THC markers, to official labels that are ‘state compliant’ at the drop of a hat. Sure, these products are also for the legitimate business people. But, making them this easily accessible is causing a great problem for buyers and legitimate dispensaries.

When you read the reviews on the products, you get a range in responses. From: ‘I work at a dispensary and we use these every day’ all the way to ‘makes my product look very professional’. That last one is the beginning of the problem. By taking your every day street weed and wrapping it up in a pretty little package, you are deceiving buyers and also staining the hard work of dispensaries.

Dispensaries and growers go out of their way to provide quality, organic, lab-tested products that are compliant with state law.

By taking a short cut under their same labels— there is the potential for loss of business and also loss of reputation when product that is not theirs, goes out under their name. It’s quite common. A street level distributor will make or purchase concentrates or flower in bulk. Repackage the product into the standard mylar bags and parchment paper, slap on a CA/AZ/WA/CO compliant label and charge an extra $10 for it.

Know your sources and don’t buy from third parties

The key is being smart. Ask to see the product, ask to smell, sample— whatever you need to know to test the quality for yourselves. Go to the dispensary yourself if you can help it, as a legal dispensary will be dispensing the authentic product. But if you can’t do so, don’t trust easily. Nowadays, every person you talk to is ‘getting their stuff’ from Colorado, Washington, and the likes. We would like to believe them. But that just isn’t always the case. So do your research, learn the product, trust your source, don’t buy counterfeit dispensary products, and use your authentic products responsibly!