Even in legal states, every smoker should still try to be discrete when smoking in a public setting. After all, you don’t get hammered drunk on a street corner in broad daylight with children around. Being discrete is part of being respectful, but the good thing is— there are plenty of ways to get high without offending anyone. And there are plenty of discrete smoking tools that will get you high without nasty glares or the potential for police presence.

Discrete Smoking Tools

To kick this off, I’d like to introduce you to the ciga-weed. A ciga-weed is a tiny little one-hitter pipe that is shaped and designed to look like a cigarette. You pack up the end and smoke it all in one hit. It’s a simple little thing, and it looks just like a cigarette so you look just like every other smoker on the corner. Pair this dude with a little wooden dugout for the perfect little trippy kit in your bag.

The most inventive, in my opinion, is the inhaler vaporizer.

This little guy is exactly like a inhaler, but it’s a vaporizer. Because it looks like a medical device, your chance of being questioned on it is pretty low. After all, most people don’t harass others about their inhalers. So if you play your cards right, this device can be used practically anywhere. What a fantastic idea.

Little keychain pipes are great little pieces too. They go from being a decoration on your keys, to a bowl in seconds. You just unscrew the bowl piece and reposition it to create the bowl. They’re quite discrete, while also providing the opportunity to really pack a bowl in public and then make that bow disappear. You get the best of both worlds with this little guy.

Last but not least, the lipstick pipe is a perfect one for the ladies. Small, discrete, and will fit right in with your makeup bag. You just pull the cap off, in the same way you would a lipstick tube, and voila— out comes a bowl instead of your favorite fuchsia lipstick. This one is easy to tuck away quickly, as you just have to pop that little cap back on.

There are plenty of ways to get your smoke on without making it obvious. If you can master that, you’ll be able to toke up practically anywhere. But be mindful and respectful, you never know who’s watching!