Marijuana is quickly becoming America’s favorite drug and medicine. But as the interest rises, so does the consumption. But how much is too much? And is there a perfect dosage?

What is the perfect dosage of marijuana?

The perfect dose according to is 7.5 milligrams of THC in your bloodstream, which equals out to about .05 grams of marijuana. Think of this as one hit off of a water pipe or maybe a few puffs off of a joint. A standard joint, according to, has about 36 milligrams of THC in it.

The big problem with choosing a perfect dose is that THC is not a one-size-fits-all system, and my tolerance might not be your tolerance, per se. Think of it like alcohol for a moment. If I drink a six-pack a day and you drink a six-pack every three weeks, that same amount is going to affect me differently. This same rule applies when it comes to marijuana.

Most avid smokers say that their perfect dose sits around 50-75 mg. So, the big thing to remember is that it really differs. When visiting dispensaries you get a better idea of what works best for you because they are able to tell you what is what, and how potent one thing is versus the other.

Finding your ideal comfort level with marijuana is all dependent on trial and error.

I myself have heard some people claim their perfect dose to be around 200-400 mg. While this might seem like way too much to some, like I said, it all depends on your tolerance— which depends on your usage. So while 7.5 mg and 400 mg are quite a wide range, it really can vary that much.

The main thing to remember about finding your perfect dosage is to start small. The metaphor I like to use is when you’re adding spices to a dish. Start light, you can always make your meal more spicy but once its there— it’s there to stay. The same goes for your consumption. You can always add more but once its there, you have to ride it out. So be smart, start small, and have fun!