The right strain for you might depend on what you need from it. Suffering from migraines? Lack of sleep? Lack of appetite? nausea? muscle ache? No matter the symptom, there is a strain of marijuana that is said to benefit you in some way. Following is a list of some of the best strains for your pains:

Finding the right strain for different pains:

Strains for migraines:

Blueberry Headband: this type of hybrid, called a headband hybrid, is supposed to deliver effects straight to your head. This plant focuses in on your specific head related pain, all the while tasting berry sweet!

White Widow: this strain offers a full-bodied high and indica-heavy, pain-fighting qualities that you really can’t beat. But this strain is also quite potent, so start your dosage small and work your way up.

Lack of sleep:

Granddaddy Purple: This is an indica strain, which is supposed to be the best type for dealing with sleep trouble. Sativa strains offer a more ‘heady’ high, often making it difficult to fall asleep. Granddaddy Purple is extremely relaxing and tension-melting. Definitely a top choice when dealing with sleep troubles.

Tahoe OG Kush: This hybrid offers great muscle relaxation and a peaceful high. Reviewers boast its ability to help with insomnia because of the sleepy, euphoric state it offers its consumers.


Northern Lights: this indica strain is a classic for users with stress, anxiety, or nausea. It offers a relaxed, full-body high that can either cure your nausea— or at least take your mind off of it and make you hungry.

Jack Herer: this sativa is a potent, flavorful strain that offers nausea relief and huge appetite-inducing components as well. This strain is popular amongst cancer patients to treat their nausea and loss of appetite.

Muscle and body pain:

ACDC: this hybrid strain boasts heavy levels of both THC and CBD which is great for pain. It offers a full-body relaxation that pain sufferers will really benefit from.

Blackberry Kush: For sufferers that don’t have great access to CBD/THC heavy strains, this indica will suit you just fine. This strain, while not heavy on CBD, offers heavy THC content that targets pain. But beware— this one is sure-fire when it comes to getting couch-locked.


Our point with this is that there is a ‘right strain’ for practically any type of ailment. All of these pains and ailments are usually treated with aspirin or something of the sorts, but medical marijuana offers you a new way of treatment. Gone are the days of ibuprofen as the only answer, now people have more options when it comes to how to manage their pain.