When it comes to consuming marijuana, there are plenty of ways to do it. Think about it, you can use water pipes, you can vaporize it, you can make a tincture out of it, you can roll it, and you can even cook with it. That’s right, there are plenty of different ways for you to get high. The fact that you can do consume it in tons of different ways, makes it easy for anyone who wants to use it, to use it. But the thing is, the way that marijuana effects your body varies depending on how you use it. Take smoking versus eating your marijuana high— the way your body reacts is different. From onset time, to healthiness, there are tons of different factors in why you should choose which method you go with.

Smoking versus eating your marijuana high


Aside from the super obvious differences between these two methods, such as smoking or digesting, smoking versus eating your marijuana high is really quite different. First of all, eating your high is much healthier. Think about it, you’re not inhaling anything. Therefore, your lungs aren’t compromised in any way. We all say it, marijuana isn’t bad for you. And there’s no research to say that it is, but let’s face it, inhaling anything into your lungs isn’t great for them at the very least. So, by eating edibles, you’re skipping all the nastiness and instead, trading it in for a easy treat.


Not to mention, if you are precise with your dosing of the edibles, you’ll have a more precise means of getting high. When it comes to marijuana, for those who are trying to use it medicinally, dosing is quite important. Think of it as any other medicine, you do not want to ‘overdose’ the intended amount. If you pack a bowl, you can guess the potency, but you really aren’t quite sure. If you make or buy an edible, you know within a small variable, how potent that edible is and you can choose how much to eat according to that. Making it a bit more foolproof than other methods might be.

Onset Time

One of the main differences between these two methods is the onset time. When it comes to smoking versus eating, the onset time of your high is pretty instantaneous— a few seconds, with the peak of it hitting within a few minutes. But when it comes to edibles, the onset time is at minimum 30 minutes. It can be up to a few hours even before you feel it in your system, making it a bit more unpredictable than the latter. This is one of the main decision points for a lot of people. When it comes to edibles, there’s much more of an unpredictability as to how and when it ‘hits’ you.

It’s all in preference

Ultimately, how you consume your marijuana high is all up to you. From rolling up, to using a piece, to eating it— the way these will affect you always has a slight bit of variability. So, you pick! Find your favorite method and explore the others, when it comes to marijuana, how you use it is all in preference!